Shipping & Delivery Information

Delivery/Shipping of Completed Orders


WE WILL ONLY PROVIDE A TRACKING NUMBER FOR A PACKAGE THAT HAS NOT BEEN DELIVERED WITHIN 5 FULL WORKING DAYS OF AN ORDERS' STATUS BEING UPDATED TO, 'YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN SHIPPED'. (Do not contact us on the 5th WORKING DAY of your package not being delivered as expected, to request a tracking number. Such a request will be ignored).

We are known for getting ALL completed orders shipped out to our customers WITHIN 24-36 HOURS, of an order status being updated to, 'Ready To Ship', and we will continue to do so. Once an order has been updated to, 'This Order Has Been Shipped', delivery of the orders' package can take anywhere between 1-4 days for delivery.

We ship packages Monday - Friday, and during our busier times, we may also ship packages on Saturday's too. We do NOT ship packages on Sunday's, or Holidays.

*To prevent loses in shipped packages, we will ONLY use the shipping information provided by the ordering customer.

It is the sole responsibility of the ordering customer to ensure that their shipping information, is 100% VALID, contains their FULL NAME, and FULL SHIPPING ADDRESS when placing their order. We will NOT double check ANY information you have provided for your order placement.

We will ONLY reship an order IF it is shown, and proven to be an error on our part.

  • IF a package is discovered to be, 'Undeliverable', due to an invalid name, or shipping address, and/or the tracking number shows that a package has been marked, 'Return To Sender', by the shipping company, for whatever reason, we will NOT reship the contents of that package again for free.
  • IF a tracking number shows that a package has been successfully delivered, and the package is subsequently, 'Lost', or, 'Goes Missing', etc, we will NOT issue a reship of the contents of an order.
  • IF an orders' package is marked as being undeliverable/lost/goes missing, for ANY reason, we will NOT reship the contents of an order as a, "Goodwill Gesture", because a customer couldn't get their own shipping information correct when placing their order.
  • Do not try to guilt trip us, and/or threaten to write a bad review about us, to try and force us into reshipping an order out to you for free, and expect us to cover the full costs of your order ourselves, because such attempts will NOT work. You will ONLY receive an instant ban from placing any future orders with us, and ALL future attempts of communications from you will be ignored.

**IF a previously banned customer attempts to create a new account, uses a new address, and then tries to update us that they wish to change their shipping address once their order status has been updated to, 'This Order Is Ready To Ship', to an address we discover has already been flagged, and/or banned by us, we will NOT change the shipping address on the order, and we will ONLY ship the package to the shipping information originally provided when the order was first created. If the package ends up getting lost/undeliverable then that loss is on you.

PLEASE NOTE: Times MAY occur when we are unable to fulfill the above shipping, and delivery timelines when our shipping department discovers that there is an issue with the validity of the shipping information provided by the customer at the time of placing the order.

Our shipping department will place a 48-HOUR HOLD on an order, and attempt to contact the customer directly via the email address used on the account the order was made through to obtain verification from the customer regarding the issue with their shipping information. If no update is provided from the ordering customer within this 48-hour holding period, the package will then be shipped to the previously confirmed shipping address only. NO RESHIP WILL BE ISSUED IF THE PACKAGE IS THEN PROVEN TO BE UNDELIVERABLE.

If you wish to contact us, you can opt to use the, 'Contact Us', option located at the bottom of every webpage on our website. Or alternatively, you can contact us directly at our email address: