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QueenzLand Pharmaceuticals Terms & Conditions

Before you place your order please read, and understand the following information.

QueenzLand Pharmaceuticals reserves the right to refuse to ship, and/or process any order whereby the purchaser has not confirmed the acceptance of the QueenzLand Pharmaceuticals Terms and Conditions policy.

You MUST be a registered account holder to view the prices, and stock availability options of our products

  1. All purchasers of products sold on Queenzland.com must be a minimum of 25 years of age to place an order.
  2. Every individual who contemplates taking AAS should always first consult a licensed physician as their improper, and unsupervised use can cause damaging, and permanent side effects. We strenuously disapprove of the administration of pharmaceuticals to minors to better athletic performance/s.
  3. All Purchasers fully understand, and possess the relevant knowledge about the governmental regulations, and health and safety Laws regarding the use/exposure, and handling of products contained on QueenzLand Pharmaceuticals as it pertains to their respective country, state, and/or province. The purchaser agrees not to violate any Laws within their respective country upon purchase.
  4. All purchasers are fully aware of the uses/side effects of the products contained on Queenzland.com.
  5. All products, and services offered on Queenzland.com are for research purposes only. Under no circumstances shall/should any of the materials be used for recreational purposes, nor human consumption. QueenzLand Pharmaceuticals is not liable for any damages that may be caused by negligence, abuse, or any other unforeseen matter.
  6. All users agree to contact QueenzLand Pharmaceuticals in the event of any issue prior to posting any reviews.
  7. All information contained on Queenzland.com, and any affiliated sites are for general information purposes only, and is not based on medical fact, and/or opinion.
  8. Your order will be dispatched to you at your own risk. Queenzland Pharmaceuticals takes no responsibility for seized packages by, but not limited to, Customs, Law Enforcement Agencies, Postal Companies, and consequently Queenzland Pharmaceuticals will not refund, or issue a free reship of any products as a result of any such seizures occurring.
  9. We do not offer a returns option, and/or offer refunds under any circumstances.
  10. Any delivery expectations that we may give you for the delivery of a package are approximate only, and we shall not be liable for any losses, costs, damages, charges by the Postal Service, or any expenses caused by any delay in delivering of the goods to you, unless such costs are caused by our negligence.

  11. Once an order has been verified as being shipped, we assume that the correct shipping information has been provided at the time the order was placed. We take no responsibility for nondeliveries, and/or any subsequent losses arising from the submission of invalid/incorrect shipping information being provided, and/or updated in relation to the shipping information required for the dispatching of an order.
  12. All orders canceled for a non payment issue will be recorded, and retained for future reference. A second order cancellation for non payment WILL result in the termination of an account, and the subsequent ban of the owner from placing any future orders.
  13. If you need to change your payment method, please contact us first BEFORE doing so. Do NOT create a new order, and choose an alternative payment method, as this will potentially have all of your orders canceled, and your account closed.
  14. Do NOT place double/multiple orders. If you need to edit the information you have already provided within an open order, and/or wish to add, or remove items from an open order placement, use the, 'Contact Us', option at the bottom of our website pages, provide us with your current order number, and advise us to what changes you wish to apply to that order, and we will do so for you. Double/Multiple order placements WILL result in all order placements being canceled, and you account terminated from placing any future orders with us.

´╗┐Damaged Packages Received in Transit Policy´╗┐
(Failure to follow the following conditions will result in a refusal to your claim/s)

  1. Immediately inspect your package, and its contents as soon as it is delivered to your shipping address.
  2. If a package is received with the contents damaged, the customer MUST contact us within 48-HOURS of the package being delivered.
  3. You will have already been updated by us that your package is on route to be delivered to your shipping address. So no excuses will be accepted from you for not contacting us within this given 48-Hour time frame of the package being delivered if you later discover that there was an issue with the contents of your package. If you fail to contact us within the given 48-Hour time frame, NO claims will be accepted from you.
  4. If there is damage to the product/s contained within your package, you MUST take photographic evidence of the unopened package, along with photograph/s of the damaged item/s contained within to confirm your products damaged claim/s, and send all copies of the taken photographs to our email address, providing us with your order number in the subject line, and a brief message regarding the issue with your package, and its contents: queenzland@protonmail.com. This will enable us to verify the condition of your package, and its contents against the photographs our shipping department takes of every order, and its contents prior to shipping. 

Reship Policy´╗┐

For our Shipping & Delivery policies, please click on the, 'Shipping & Delivery Information', link located in the lower, left section of our webpages.

If you wish to contact us, you can opt to use the, 'Contact Us', option located at the bottom of every webpage on our website. Or alternatively, you can contact us directly at our email address: queenzland@protonmail.com